Our Partnerships

Local Partnerships

In a desire to impact our community, we form seasonal partnerships with local businesses. Each month, on our regularly printed piece called “The Couch,” we feature a local business or two with a discount! We want this to be twofold: one – a gift to you and a way to stimulate our local economy and two – this gives us a change live out some intentional consumerism wherein by turning in The Couch to the person serving you, an opportunity to have a Christ centered conversation may emerge.  We often encourage our family to take the discount offered and add it to the tip so that we may represent Jesus through a little extra generosity!  Pick one up at a Sunday Gathering!

Global Partnerships

TLR is a part of a global movement called The Christian & Missionary Alliance (C&MA). As a part of the C&MA we are connected to over 2,000 churches in the US and over 700 Alliance workers in over 70 countries.

Through the Alliance NW field office (our specific field) the C&MA, provides accountability and support as we launch TLR. For more information on Alliance NW, check out their website at: http://alliancenw.org/. For more information on the C&MA, check out their website at: http://www.cmalliance.org/