Beyond Sundays

The Living Room is proud to be a “missional” church! For us, this means doing family life together, beyond Sunday mornings. This is accomplished through individual engagement in Communities, Huddles, and DNAs…


The Living Room’s Communities are our open small groups that meet weekly to play, study, and serve together. Our current communities are the Central Point, Medford, Jacksonville, and NextGen Communities.  Our Communities are a great way to connect with others who want to engage in the life and mission of Jesus beyond Sunday mornings through impacting the community around them.

  • Central Point – Lead by Dan & Ashley Gregory. We typically, they meet on Sundays @ 6 pm in various homes throughout Central Point as we rotate monthly through a rhythm of Play, Study, Serve, Study (still discussing what we will do on a 5th Sunday of the month).  So, what we will do is enjoy an open Community Dinner Party (‘play’) on the 1st Sunday of the month, a dessert and discussion on the 2nd & 4th Sundays of the month (‘study’) and serve our community on the third weekend of the month.  For our service weekend, we are currently offering childcare at TLR to serve families of New Heights Christian School by giving parents a date night.  For the dates of 4/21, 5/19 & 6/16 we will provide a safe place for kiddos to enjoy a simple snack (dinner needed prior drop-off) and various age appropriate activities while their parents enjoy some quality time.
  • Medford Community Lead by Justin & Abbey Olesen. We meet Tuesday evening for study of the biblical passage to be used the coming Sunday.  Additionally, Kyle & Rachel Rawlins host an open dinner and game night on the first Saturday of each month.  We are currently working on ideas for serving our local community and hope to have a consistent weekly rhythm of Play – Study – Study – Serve going into the summer months!
  • NextGen Community Led by Kym & Wendy McKandes. Meeting every Sunday evening at 6pm at the McKandes’ home, we push the boundaries, and tackle the edgy things that Believers encounter. We are a focused community for those who may be transitioning from one place in life, to another… young adults to adulthood, single to married, married to widowed, newlyweds to newly parents, working to retired.  Following the “Play-Study-Serve” model, we eat together, laugh together, support each other, discuss difficult and taboo topics together, and help others… you guessed it… TOGETHER.
  • Jacksonville Community


Huddles are formed within each of TLR’s Communities.  Modeled after Jesus’ investment in the Twelve Apostles and are thus intentionally kept to around 6-15 people. Huddles require sincere commitment as they exist to train and equip real-life people to follow Jesus in a way that impacts those around them.  Huddles help to make up the leadership backbone of the Community that they are connected to as well as train up people to be sent out in other directions of leadership and calling.


DNA involvement, as the name implies, is fundamental to impacting people in their daily lives.  Modeled after Jesus’ investment into Peter, James and John, these small groups are gender specific, small by design, and personal in nature.  DNAs meet regularly to Disciple, Nurture, and provide Accountability to individual members.  Due to their personal nature, these small groups are not open to the public and are intentionally kept to around 3-5 people.

To get connected to one of our small groups, connect with us here.